Partner for the Next Step

“CapStreet was a great partner that helped us navigate a high growth situation, and enabled us to significantly grow our revenue over five years.”

Dan Ahuero and Ben Andrews, Owners | GHX

Partner for the Next Step

"CapStreet is focused, not only, on financial metrics, but also on building a successful long-term business."

Ramsey Evans and Newton Ross, Owners | Ontellus

Partner for the Next Step

“CapStreet has been instrumental in our success 100% of the way.”

Garry and Troy Kyle, Owners | symplr

Partner for the Next Step

“In CapStreet, I found a group that would grow the company – not take it apart.”

Ted Edwards, Owner | T.F. Hudgins

Managing Transition

Protect your company’s legacy

Provide security for your future

Diversify your wealth

Recruit top talent

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Managing Growth

Provide expertise, resources and capital to
accelerate growth

Take action on acquisition opportunities to build scale

Navigate effectively through rapid change

Enhance management, systems, and processes

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Our Approach

We form successful partnerships with owners and management based on the following: 

Integrity, trust
and respect


Doing what we say we

are going to do


Building strong


Communicating actively



Taking a longer term approach


Learning every day 

shared objectives-1.png

Agreeing on shared objectives 

Winning (or losing)
as one team

These core values have been integral to our success and guide our actions as partners and investors.  

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