Understanding Private Equity

Business owners have choices as they begin to think about ownership transition and management succession. As you manage in an increasingly competitive environment, it is important to understand the partnership options. 

Successful owners tell us that
they think about a few key questions...

Answering these questions will be crucial in identifying the right partner


What are your financial goals?

Do you have a desire to diversify your net worth and access a liquidity event in a certain time frame?

If so, what is that time frame?

What are your personal goals?

Where do you want to spend your time and energy in the next few years, running a business day to day or advising at a higher level?

What chair do you want to be in?

What is your vision for the company?

How do you think about the growth trajectory of the business?

Do you see it growing geographically into new markets, expanding end markets, growing through acquisition or organically or both?

What does success look like in your vision?

What kind of partner do you want?

Do you want a partner to assist in forming strategic growth plans and recruiting top management talent?

Do you want a collaborative partner who helps you set the direction relating to your company's operations, systems, sales and marketing, finance, or strategic pricing?  

Do you need help evaluating organic growth and acquisition opportunities? 


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