Investment Criteria

Entrepreneur, family or employee owned businesses

$3 - $20 million of EBITDA

Business services and industrial companies

Primarily majority investments

Sellers reinvest alongside CapStreet 

Ability to apply the CapStreet playbook

CapStreet Investment Strategy:
Proven Model of Success: Driving Business Transformation

number1@2x.pngIdentify solid companies with defensible business models

  • Recurring or maintenance driven revenue
  • High value proposition leading to solid profit margins
  • Positive end market trends
  • Fragmented market with acquisition opportunities

number2@2x.pngPartnership approach to develop a growth strategy

  • Align interests through equity ownership
  • Transparent and honest dialogue with the management team
  • Collaborative approach to strategic planning
  • Develop a vision for a best in class organization
  • Leverage core competencies and increase value to the customer
  • Develop plans for acquisition and organic growth

number3@2x.pngEnhance infrastructure to support growth

  • Recruit key management as needed
  • Evaluate and implement new ERP, CRM and other IT systems 
  • Drive process oriented culture 
  • Improve financial reporting and KPIs
  • Upgrade facilities and implement effective planning for capital investment 

number4@2x.pngBuild the business and increase profitability

  • Deploy proven resources as needed from CapStreet's network including experts in operations, systems, sales and marketing, finance, and strategic pricing 
  • Develop organic growth initiatives including new service and product offerings and new greenfield locations
  • Implement a process oriented acquisition search supported by CapStreet
  • Provide capital for organic growth initiatives and strategic acquisitions

Business model/industry focus:


  • Value-Added Distribution
    • Value-add capabilities include fabrication, technical sales, assembly, and logistics 
    • Opportunities for industry consolidation
  • Industrial Services
    • Recurring revenue driven by maintenance and repair activity
    • Provide key services and related products  
  • Manufacturing
    • Niche Focus
    • Proprietary brand, design, IP, or technical capabilities

Business Services

  • Unique and compelling business models
  • Outsourced business processes
  • Opportunities to accelerate organic growth
  • Ability to enhance or deploy technology
  • Strategic M&A opportunities to create scale and expand profitability
  • High levels of customer retention

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