Through organic and acquisition growth initiatives, the team was able to build a much larger business 

Industry: National provider of outsourced document retrieval services

Acquisition Date: January 2015

Status: Active

Founded in 1975 as Keais Records Retrieval and rebranded in 2017, Ontellus is a leading national privately-held, technology-enabled record retrieval provider that empowers insurance carriers, self-insured corporations and law firms to reduce costs, make better-informed decisions and accelerate claims resolution. The company is committed to superior service, accuracy, and industry-leading turnaround times. CapStreet invested alongside the management team in early 2015 and through both organic and acquistion growth strategies, the business has grown to more than 400 employees nationwide. 

CapStreet Value Creation

CapStreet implemented strategies to build a solid foundation and scalability in the business at Ontellus. 

  • Developed strategic roadmap with management to build one of the largest techology enabled records retrieval provider in the industry
  • Increased revenue significantly since 2015 
  • Recruited three senior management positions and one independent director
  • Implemented a new accounting system, CRM system and improved IT infrastructure to enhance controls and scale for acquisitions
  • Improved reporting and developed KPIs 
  • Upgraded sales infrastructure and implemented high velocity lead generation model
  • Built in-house software development organization and accelerated product development
  • Completed four strategic acquisitions

Case studies have been included for illustrative purposes only and have been selected in order to provide examples of the types of investments previously made by The CapStreet Group and do not purport to be a complete list of investments.  A complete list of prior investments made by The CapStreet Group is available upon request.