CapStreet helped us successfully navigate a high growth situation.

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“From the beginning of our relationship with CapStreet, we made it clear to our employees that they were the A-Team – they had been chosen to go with us on this journey. They were treated well throughout that five-year period, and we all benefited professionally and financially. I don’t think that any of them would look back and question the decision.

CapStreet helped us build the management team necessary for us to grow rapidly and integrate acquired companies. They identified, vetted and narrowed the list of candidates to serve as our COO, CFO, our VP of Operations, and to fill key positions in human resources. In fairly short order, we had a first-rate team in place, giving us license to successfully grow from 7 to 39 locations and significantly increased our revenue within a five-year period.

Another priority was to obtain an IT system that could scale with our growing requirements. Since the economic downturn of 2009, we had been tightening our belts. CapStreet had the experience and financial resources to help us implement a robust solution that would be critical to our future success. Our joint team oversaw the selection, installation, and implementation of a $1.5 million new system – on time and on budget. We had sophisticated systems implemented, and an IT team in place to manage our rapidly expanding business.

CapStreet provided a broad view of the world as we focused on immediate business and customer needs. They identified trends in the economy and the financial markets, and they gave us a heads-up when we needed to prepare for those times. With insight into the operations of so many companies, they had long-term relationships across many types of service providers. They helped us leverage that experience, securing the best providers available for our business.” View Case Study >>>

Dan Ahuero & Ben Andrews, Co-owners 

CapStreet has done everything they said they were going to do.

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“When we first met with the CapStreet team, we appreciated that their promises were realistic. That immediately created a sense of trust, and they have been true to their word. We were not experienced doing acquisitions, and we didn’t want to make critical mistakes. We wanted to tap into their experience so that we could use it to grow the business.

Recruitment was huge. At the time, we had not filled out our executive team. We needed a CFO … a sales VP … and a marketing lead. We were killing ourselves as the two of us juggled all of those roles, and in the process, we weren’t doing a great job at any of them. CapStreet told us the right timing for each hire, and they went out and found the ideal candidates. Knowing that they were taking care of that, we could stay focused on building the company.

CapStreet came in and told us exactly what was necessary for successful growth via M&A. Once we had that in place, the deals started coming in faster, enabling us to get through the background work without sacrificing the speed at which our company was growing.

We always knew that our company had significant growth potential. We just needed a partner with the experience and expertise to help us achieve it. CapStreet has not only helped us grow the company effectively; they encouraged us to maintain a significant ownership stake, allowing us to benefit from that growth. It has been a great partnership, and we couldn’t be happier.

Our issue was that we knew very little about acquiring companies. How could we grow without M&A strategy or expertise? Our faces were down, nose to the grindstone, working on our day-to-day business. Yet no one was looking strategically down the road, considering new opportunities. CapStreet found add-on acquisition prospects. They performed all of the due diligence and valuations, and they worked out every deal point. Once the deals were closed, they guided us, letting us know what the integration should look like and how to make it successful.” View Case Study >>>

Troy & Garry Kyle, Co-founders

With CapStreet, we found partners who were reasonable, level-headed and business minded.

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“There is a lot of capital out there, and the market is the market, but shared values were the deciding factor when we took on a business partner. CapStreet looks at things with a wide spectrum, not just through a financial lens. They align themselves with the business owners, and that alignment is key. We’re truly in it together, and the same set of rules apply.

As an entrepreneur going through due diligence the first time, it was more detailed than I expected. The process may feel like overkill, but what CapStreet requires is very fair and reasonable. Even the tiniest missed detail can kill a lot of value. CapStreet has been a great partner in executing add-on acquisitions. We have gone from having zero M&A skills to managing add-ons like a well-oiled machine.

We were ready to take our company to the next level and to take some of our own chips off the table, but we needed experience and guidance to become the largest and best in our industry. Our relationship with CapStreet wasn’t a have-to situation; we wanted to make this work. It was a good fit from the start, and we have partnered effectively with them. 

CapStreet is in the business of buying, building and selling businesses. Their goal is to help all shareholders maximize their equity value. They keep a runway in place, for continued growth through organic initiatives and acquisitions.” View Case Study >>>

Newton Ross & Ramsey Evans, Co-owners

In CapStreet, I found a group that would grow the company – not take it apart.

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“I was the ultimate skeptic, but I needed a plan to ensure continuance for my employees, many of whom had been with us for more than 40 years. CapStreet shared my belief that the bottom line is about the relationships created between the owners, the employees and the customers.

CapStreet act as stewards. They ask the right questions and challenge when appropriate. If you haven’t thought about something, their process provokes you do so. They have the capital that’s necessary for growth, and they have top-notch resources on hand – investors, attorneys,  accountants, IT pros and other professionals – to do it right. They also identified terrific candidates to fill key management positions, from our CFO to my successor as CEO.

CapStreet never hides the fact that, at some point, you’re going to be put up for adoption. And you’re interested in that because it’s a part of growth. You’re going to build scale through acquisitions, and then you’ll want someone who can grow the business beyond what you’re capable of doing. CapStreet has the proven track record, broad associations, networks and solid reputation to attract the next owner. " 

Ted Edwards, Chairman
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